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china Electric Release Door Lock manufacturers

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Headleader is a hi-tech company specializes in the design and manufacturing of intelligent lockers and locker systems.
Located in the port city of Xiamen, Headleader takes advantage of its geological benefits, having more than 2000 intelligent lockers and over 3000 locker system kits distributed in Europe, Asia and North America.
Headleader Delivers High-quality Products
Headleader always holds to its quality policy, aiming at high-quality products with high security and convenience. All Headleader facilities meet ISO9001:2008 requirements; and locker system conforms to CE standards.
Headleader Realizes Customers’ Needs
Headleader always listens to customers’ needs. With a professional engineering team, who excels at presenting lockers/systems of flexible designs and versatile functions, Headleader is able to provide the best possible solutions to satisfy specific needs.
Headleader will always keep moving forward with the desire to provide customers with safe, reliable and flexible intelligent locker solutions. china Electric Release Door Lock manufacturers
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