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    hdjksjk78  4小时前#1 -回复

    13 threads polyester shell nitrile gloves
    Nitrile gloves always be used in Electronic processing, Mechanical processing, Food processing and Industry, so people must be ask where can i buy the nitrile gloves, firm grip nitrile coated gloves and microflex nitrile gloves
    Some people also want to know the difference polyurethane gloves, rubber palm work glove between nitrile gloves
    As you know Nitrile gloves no allergrc, biodegradable, can add pigment and colour is more bright
    13 threads white polyester shell palm coated on grey/blue/green/orange/black nitrile hand gloves. Including Size 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
    ◆Seamless polyester liner, gauge 13 is durable and comfort.
    ◆Superior grip in moderately oily environments and protect a dry only grip.
    ◆High degree dexterity and tactility with a stronge abrasion resistance performance.
    ◆An oil-repellent glove.
    ◆Component assembly
    ◆Litht engineering work
    ◆Packing and inspection
    Some details:
    Style No.: BSG009
    Factory: Bestsafe
    Size: 8#9#10#
    Colour: you decide
    Packing: 12 pairs per dozen, 10dozens per cartons
    Cartons: 50*25*32nitrile coated gloves wholesale

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